Champtires: Championing the Next Generation of Pitt Athletes

At the heart of our community of proud sponsors, Champtires is a testament to the drive, tenacity, and dedication inherent in Pitt's spirit. This is largely thanks to its founder and president, Brad Rea, whose journey is a compelling narrative of dedication and triumph.

An alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh, Brad started his career on the Panthers baseball team and concluded in 2002 as the program's most prolific offensive player. His record for career home runs (46), total bases (428), and RBIs (198) still stands, a testament to his extraordinary skill. Brad further proved his mettle as a minor league player with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Brad channeled this same perseverance and ambition into building Champtires, which has grown into one of the leading used tire sellers in the nation. His support of Alliance 412's mission is a natural extension of his commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent.

“I know first-hand how challenging it can be to balance college and sports, particularly when you want to be the best,” said Rea. “I love Pitt. I’m a huge Pitt sports fan and want to see every team, and especially the baseball team, compete at the highest levels and win. I’m excited to see what a year of supporting the student athletes through Alliance 412 can do for the program.”

Together with Champtires, we're investing in a shared vision - a vision formed by another Pitt alumnus, Chris Bickell, the founder of Alliance 412. Chris, now the CEO of Well Hive, has been instrumental in aiding student-athletes realize and monetize their brands, boosting their prospects both on and off the field.

Founded in 2009, Champtires is recognized as one of the most reliable sellers of premium used tires in the United States. With an extensive reach across the East Coast, Champtires is not just a trusted brand but a member of our community committed to fueling the dreams of tomorrow's champions.

Champtires and Alliance 412 — together, we are championing the future of Pitt's student-athletes.


Established in 2009, Champtires is now one of the largest and most trusted sellers of premium, brand name used tires in the United States. Used tires, much like used cars, are a safe, affordable and environmentally friendly option when purchased from a reputable company like Champtires. Champtires is headquartered in West Mifflin, PA, has warehouse locations across the east coast and operates two retail stores in the Pittsburgh area.