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Our story begins with Chris Bickell, a proud Pitt alumnus and CEO of Well Hive, who founded Alliance 412. Growing up in eastern PA, Chris was only a casual observer of Pitt sports in his youth.  It wasn’t until the day he moved into Tower B and began his academic career in the Class of 1997, that his passion for Pitt athletics began to grow. Since his graduation, he has been a strong financial supporter of Pitt Athletics culminating in a game-changing gift of $20M in 2021.  His understanding of the Name, Image, and Likeness ruling and his focus on Pitt athletics lead him to start Alliance 412 early the following year.  

Since its inception, Alliance 412 has been working to strengthen the University of Pittsburgh's reputation as a top destination for student-elite athletes by providing NIL opportunities to current and future stars of the program.In a video interview in early 2023, Pitt Athletic Director Heather Lyke referenced the importance of NIL and specifically of Alliance 412 saying that, “Alliance 412 and Pitt Athletics have developed a great relationship which allows our team to focus on complementing their winning formula.”
Through our unmatched access to resources and innovative solutions, we establish and help to monetize the brands of Pitt student-athletes, building loyalty and excitement for Pitt teams. This enables them to fully leverage their skills and marketability, empowering them to secure a bright future both on and off the field.

Chris has recruited a strong board of proud Pitt people who have the same goal that he does, winning championships.  We are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting new era in college sports. With our commitment to innovation and partnership along with the support of the fantastic Pitt fan base, we will build pride and momentum in our Athletics by supporting the individuals who represent us. The Pitt Men and Women of the future.


Alliance 412, founded by WellHive CEO and prominent Pitt Athletics supporter Chris Bickell, serves as the primary collective for Pitt Athletics providing a bridge between student-athletes, brands, influencers, businesses, charitable organizations, and the community to develop and creatively execute Name, Image, and Likeness opportunities. Bickell, a 1997 Pitt alum, made the largest single donation in Pitt Athletics history in 2021.

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